Le court-métrage Traces of War sélectionné par le Festival Lift Off


Traces of War

Traces of War: an Airborne Story, le court-métrage de 6 minutes réalisé par l’équipe cherbourgeoise Pastille Prod pour l’Airborne Museum de Sainte-Mère-Eglise, fait partie des projets sélectionnés par le festival londonien Lift Off, un tremplin pour les créateurs cinématographiques indépendants.

Traces of War: an Airborne Story, the 6min short film directed by Pastille Prod for the Airborne Museum, has been selected by londonian festival Lift Off, a launchpad for cinematographic independant creators.

As the film was coming along, a few months ago, the more it was taking shape, the more obvious it was appearing: the film would clearly be worthy of being submitted to the juries of some film festivals. Hence why, after its release on May 2th and the unanimous reception it garnered, the film was sent to various festivals that have short-films categories. Among them, there was London’s Lift Off Filmmaker Sessions.

Lift Off, originally a film festival like so many others, quickly evolved into a global network of independant film creators, which organizes yearly festivals in some of the biggest cities in the world, such as Paris, London, New-York, Tokyo, Sydney and Amsterdam. This structure’s calling is to push independant creators, help launching the careers that deserve it, and serve as a guide through the film industry jungle. It also serves as a broker with the major distributors such as AFM, Cannes and EFM. One of Lift Off’s programs, the Lift Off Filmmaker Sessions, based in London, the one who selected Traces of War, is a monthly competition of the films submitted to the festival across the globe. It thus creates a considerable spotlight for them, and allows the winners of each month’s edition to have their film screened at London’s Pinewood Studios for the yearly event of the Sessions program, as well as at Hollywood’s Raleigh Studios for Los Angeles’ Lift Off Festival next summer.

Now only time will tell if Traces of War earns the prize for which it’s competing, and if other festivals will select it. Nonetheless, it is a great first recognition for Pastille Prod and the Airborne Museum, and evidence that the memories of the second world war, especially of the D-Day, are still valued among the seventh art, and that the stories of the soldiers still deeply resonate with people.

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