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Augusta Chiwy

Battles 21/12/2022

Augusta Chiwy, "The Forgotten Angel of Bastogne"

The siege of Bastogne took place in atrocious conditions: the american troops were completely encircled by a huge german army, and had to face them 1 against 5 ; these same troops severely lacked...

Battles 17/12/2022

The Malmedy massacre

The Kampfgruppe Peiper was a ferocious armored unit notably composed of 5,000 SS Panzer Grenadiers, 40 new Mark V Panther tanks, 40 Mark IV Panzer tanks, 15 Jagdpanzer IV tank destroyers, 42 King...

Battles 16/12/2022

The departure of the american airborne troops for the Bulge, december 1944

The day following the start of the Battle of the Bulge, in the evening of the 17th December, general Eisenhower decides to send the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions (who were until this point in...

Casablanca - Vue aérienne

Battles 09/11/2022

Casablanca 1942: the only real naval battle between France and USA

Did you know that in addition to the historical first american airborne assault in Oran, another unique event took place during Operation Torch, which is the only real naval battle between the United...

Le 509th PIR en Afrique du Nord

Battles 08/11/2022

Operation Torch: the first american paratrooper deployment during World War II

On November 8th 1942, Operation Torch, which would become the first deployment of American paratroopers on the field, namely the 2nd Battalion, 509th PIR, in Tafaraoui, near Oran, in Algeria,...

Battles 23/10/2022

The world record of speed group jump, and Emile Bouétard, first french man to die on D-Day

The day is october 23rd. On this day in 1943, a group of French SAS paratroopers of the Free France, led by lieutenant Pierre Marienne, made history: as part of a jump meant to test some material and...

Battles 26/05/2022

May 26 1940, evacuation of Dunkerque

In 1940, Ally troops (french, british and belgian) engaged in an attempt to resist the german invasion of France, known as the Blitzkrieg, fought a ferocious battle in the city of Dunkerque. However,...

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