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Portraits 30/10/2022

William "Billy" Mitchell, pioneer of the US Airborne

L’armée américaine est la première à avoir pensé à se doter d’une Air Infantry et ce, dès 1918. Le Brigadier-General William “Billy” Mitchell suggère de retirer du...

Funk Jr. recevant une médaille de la part du président des Etats-Unis, en 1945

Portraits 21/07/2022

Leonard A. Funk Jr., legend of the 82nd Airborne Division

Do you know about Leonard A. Funk Jr., one of the most illustrious paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne? Like Audie Murphy, Funk is the recipient of a mind-bloggling number of decorations, which he...

Portraits 13/07/2022

Audie Murphy, from an exceptional military career to successful actor

Shedding light on the extraordinary trajectories of peculiar or unknown characters is one of the fundamental functions of History, right? Today, we wanted to tell you about one Audie Murphy – not...

Portraits 24/06/2022

Charles Trépel, a great soldier

Charles Trépel was a great soldier, one of the best. He lived a life too short, that didn’t allow him to reach his full potential. Nonetheless, he did live a very intense life. Born on...

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